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Nissan Patrol TB48 Y61 (ME C23)

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Inputs (working)

Autogearbox VSS Speed (vehicle speed).

Autogearbox VSS Gear.

AC request/idle up.


Outputs (working)

Tachometer (RPM).

Engine temperature.

Automatic gearbox control (with torque table option).


Not working/issues/work in progress

OBDII works only when CAN wired to OBDII connector (requires JMTII terminals).



Supported in MTune 1.116.


Confirmed to work models

Nissan Patrol TB48 Y61, ECM model number: MEC 23-052, A1, 2808




Arrow explanation

Green (light): Working.

Green (dark): Working (but not controlled by CAN).

Blue: Not ECU controlled.

Orange: Partly controlled by MaxxECU.

Yellow: Turned off.





Example of the dash output during idle with MaxxECU RACE installed.




Torque Table


One torque table must be added with values, in the above, we have decided the min (0%) and max (100%) torque output which is sent to the TCU (Transmission Control Unit).

Do not touch this torque table unless you have to do, since it might cause you trouble codes in your TCU.


Note: a ~10% higher torque value than stock is transmitted when entering 100%.

Note: if no table is associated with the CAN System Torque Value, we send 100% torque continuously.