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MaxxECU online help

Shift light


Shift light points

How to active the output by using a single value or use a gear based output.

Single value - A single shift light RPM is always used, regardless of selected gear.

gear based - A gear based shift light RPM is used. Requires a vehicle speed sensor.


x --> y Shift light RPM

The engine RPM to activate the shift light output on selected gear.




The activation of the shift light output is required for the settings to be visible.





Single value


In the above example, when the engine is above 6500RPM, the shift light out is active.



Gear based


In the above example, the shift light output is active on different engine RPM, depending on the actual gear.



Also, see the MDash shift light feature:


In MDash 1.3 (released 2018-11-28) the shiftlight option was added.

Only available between 2500 and 18000rpm.



Simple activating of the MDash built-in shiftlight feature.