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MaxxECU online help

Knock sensing


Sensitivity table

The knocklevel considered to be a real engine detonation (knock) - Wrong settings here, you WILL blow up stuff.



Temporary knock



The amount of time the system will use the below ignition angle to induce knock.


Ignition angle

The forced ignition angle during the above specific time, used to find a knock sensitivity on idle to start with.




Useful RealTime Data values


Knock retard accumulated

Accumulated retard value.


Knock retard used

Actual ignition retard being used right now.


Knocklevel CH 1/2 peak

The peak value of the knock(s) detected (highest value of the last 200ms of time) <-- For the tuner to easy up the task of finding knock(s).


Knocklevel CH 1/2

Average knock level value (updates every combustion) <-- Used by the MaxxECU to determine engine knock.




see, Advanced built-in knock control.