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AIN (temperature)

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User AIN



Specifies the sensor class to use in the system

User-defined temperature input - Mostly used with pressure sensors or other 0-5V inputs not defined below.

engine compartment temperature sensor - When activated, MaxxECU internal MAP sensor is used as BARO sensor instead.

Multi position switch 1.

Multi position switch 2.

CAN system oil temperature - Used on some OEM CAN system to display custom oil pressure in instrument cluster.

Tune selector - Can be used as any X or Y axis, or even as the 4D axle in any table to select different "tunes" in the whole system.



The amount of filtering to be added to the input. Higher number = more filter --> Smoother signal


Sensor supply tracking

Corrects the sensor output in relation to the actual supply voltage. <-- Select correct +5V source.

When battery voltage drops, the internal voltage regulators will also drop and in severe cases as the internal 5V regulators regulates, the calibration is adjusted to make sure a correct sensor output.


offset adjustment

Some sensors require a voltage offset. This may be due to atmospheric changes or unforeseen external changes.



Specifies the sensor calibration on the actual input channel. Select a predefined sensor from the list, or select the User-defined temperature input option to create your own calibration table.



Specifies the name of the sensor, which will be used in the whole system.



Specifies the unit of the sensor used, ex bar, psi, % etc (you can create your own units here if needed...)

Note: Only visible when the below Sensor calibration table is set to General purpose/no value conversion.