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MaxxECU online help

EGT Sensors


EGT input

Selects the function for the EGT input(s).


Sensor type

Specifies the type of sensors attached the the EGT input(s).





Sensor filter


EGT filter

Adds a filter to "slow down" EGT inputs, enable if you get small "spikes" from EGT input sensors.

Note: Higher number --> more filter.



Sensor error checking


Sensor error check

Enable/disable the error checking of connected EGT sensors.



Sensor calibration


Sensor calibration

Default - No offset adjustments.

User setting - Below offset adjustment is used to adjust EGT input values.


Offset adjustment

Offset adjustments added/removed to the EGT input(s) activated.






EGT input used anything else than just Exhaust Gas Temperature


An EGT input used as input for example reading rear axle temperature. RealTime Data value will show up under Internal EGT section.


Sensor offset


The above offset adjustment will add 10degree C to ALL EGT input(s) activated.