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Trigger systems.

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MaxxECU supports VR and digital sensor (hall-effect, opto) on crank and/or cam.


Crank triggers


Missing tooth

missingtooth on cam

Multitooth + Home

Audi 5-cylinder

Nissan CAS

Mitsubishi 4/2

Mitsubishi EVO X

LSx 24x

Chrystler Hemi SRT-8 32-2-2

Subaru EJ20 (early) 6crank+7cam teeth

Subaru EJ20 (late) 36 teeth

Honda K20z4 without CAM-sensor

Honda K20z4 with CAM-sensor

Suzuki G13B sequential

Dodge Viper V10

Rover V8

Suzuki 13B sequential (requires modified trigger wheel)



HOME/CAM triggers

On Cam (1 pulse per cam rev.)

2JZ VVT 3-teeth

N-1 on cam

N-1 on cam (alt trigger point)

BMW 6+1extra on cam

Chrysler Hemi SRT-8

Honda F20C


Mitsubishi Evo cam

Mustang 5.0 VVT


Porche 996 2000 variocam M96/70

Volvo long-short

Volvo T5 VVT

Volvo T5 VVT early/exhaust cam

Volvo T6 VVT



VVT triggers

Even teeth - Wheel with evenly spaces between.

AMG C63 V8 (CAM)

BMW 6 + 1extra - 6 teeth with an extra tooth between two of the others. BMW S50.

BMW M62 (rising) -

Ford Coyote 5.0 (V8)


N-1 missing tooth - Missing tooth system. N teeth and 1 removed. N teeth and 1 removed (like 4-1 and 8-1).

N-1 (alternative trigger position) - Missing tooth system. N teeth and 1 removed. Used where the missing gap on the cams would overlap the missing gap on the crankshaft.

Nissan VQ35DE

Volvo long-short - Two teeth per cam revolution, one long and one short.

Mitsubishi MIVEC

Volvo T5

Volvo T6 - Four different length teeth per cam revolution.

VW 1.8T (CAM)

Porsche 996 2000 variocam M96/70