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VAG DSG control

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MaxxECU VAG DSG DQ250 gearbox control support



VAG DSG related links

VAG DSG (DQ250) wiring and hardware requirements.

DSG hardware identifier.

VAG DSG CAN Protocol.

DSG RealTime Data description.

DSG settings.

DSG Control.




How to get your VAG DSG DA250 gearbox up and running with MaxxECU


1. Hardware requirement and wiring

Make sure your DSG TCU is supported.


Current we only support the VAG DSG DQ250 gearbox found on VAG MED 9.1 ECM vehicles.

Note: We do NOT support the DSG gearboxes found on vehicles using the SIMOS ECM.


TCU Hardware identifier

Vehicle model

Production year


DSG type

02E 927 770 AJ

Audi S3 TFSI / Seat Leon 1P / VW Golf GTi +R32 / Golf VI R




02E 927 770 AL

Audi S3 TFSI MK1 / Skoda Octavia RS / Golf VI R




02E 927 770 AM

Audi S3 TFSI MK2 / VW Golf GTi + R32 / Golf VI R




02E 927 770 AD

Seat Leon 1P / Vw Golf GTi




02E 927 770 AE

Seat Leon 1P / Vw Golf V GTi +R32




02E 927 770 AT

VW Golf V GTi 200hp




0AM 927 769 D

VW Golf VI GTD *Diesel




02E 300 043 C

VW Golf V MK5 GTi



* It seems that some DQ200 have the same Hardware number but we never tested them, please be careful as we cannot assure you that the DQ200 will work with our VAG DSG CAN protocol, DQ500 not supported as of now.

Note: It might work with other TCU numbers also, if you are having problems with a specific number, or want to report a successful DSG control, please contact us.


Read the VAG DSG (DQ250) wiring and install the OE VAG shifter found together with your gearbox.

Note: Stock gearbox will handle 400-450Nm before slipping, you need to update your DSG TCU with a improved firmware to handle more torque + new clutch package to withstand more torque.



2. The DSG CAN protocol.

It is wise to read how and understand how the VAG DSG CAN Protocol works, what is needed and make sure there is no CAN collisions on the selected bus.



3. Configure needed inputs.

Since you have read the VAG DSG (DQ250) wiring information pages, you fully understand what is needed to make this protocol works and all proper wiring has been made.



3.1. Activate the digital input brake pedal/stop light active. Inputs --> Digital inputs and make sure the active level from 0 to 1 when you press the brake pedal in the RealTime Data view.

Note: The brake switch is NEEDED for the DSG gearbox to work, you cant engage any gears without it.



3.2. Mount at least ONE wheel speed sensor, and enable it. Make sure it is configured and properly adjusted. It is extremely important that the wheel speed is 100% accurate! <-- VERIFY with GPS.


Required hardware and inputs


Part no


MaxxECU does not need to control engine, even if it preferable

All MaxxECUs

Preferable with E-Throttle (but works with regular wire also).

VAG DSG DQ250 gearbox from a MED 9.1 vehicle


see, DSG hardware identifier.

VAG DSG DQ250 shifter

1K1 713 025 AA


VAG DSG 20-pin connector



Any paddle shifter (which closes a circuit) wired to Digital inputs


Uses the digital input functions Transmission up/down shift to command an DSG up/down shift.

Brake pedal/stop light active input


From hardware input or CAN Inputs.

Vehicle speed input (wheelspeed sensor)


Vehicle speed input is REQUIRED (preferable on UNDRIVEN WHEELS), from hardware input or CAN Inputs.

Engine RPM


From hardware input or CAN Inputs.



From hardware input or CAN Inputs.

Coolant temperature input (CLT)


From hardware input or CAN Inputs.



From hardware input or CAN Inputs.



Really good diagnostic tool for any VAG vehicle out there, a must for troubleshooting.



4. Activate the CAN protocol.

Now it is time to actually make MaxxECU transmit the CAN protocol to the wired DCT TCU.



4.1. Activate the Powertrain control in CAN Bus --> CAN settings.



4.2. Verify that the CANbus load increased with ~25% when the protocol is activated.

Note: if the CANbus load does not increase during the activation, it means you have wired it wrongly or the TCU is not responding.



4.3. Make sure the Gear calculation is from CAN protocol (OEM) setting, found in Speed/Gear --> Speed/Gear, gear calculation.



5. Make sure there is no TCU error codes.

Using any ODBII scanner or preferable VAGCOM (VCDS) diagnostic interface, make sure there is not stored error codes, if so, please erase and restart the TCU.

Note: If everything is correct, there will be NO error codes in the TCU with MaxxECU CAN protocol activated.

Note: During a MaxxECU firmware update, please disconnect DCT TCU power, since it will otherwise give you very weird error codes, OR always make sure to erase and restart TCU after a MaxxECU firmware update.



6. Get to know available RealTime Data values.



7. MTune DSG Settings.

Now, you are starting to understand the DSG control and it is time to start playing with the MTune configuration DSG settings.

We now just expects you to head over to DSG settings to read, and fully understand.



8. MTune DSG Control.

This is the fun part, where you will try to put in a gear and give it a little bit of throttle to scream of happiness that the vehicle actually moved (hopefully).

Head over to the DSG Control setting page, read information, understand an start to adjust.



Note: Shiftcut event is automatically triggered from the DSG TCU before an up shift, and a Throttle blip command is sent during a down shift.