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ECU Logging settings

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Enable logging

Enable or disables internal logging functionality


Logging start

Internal logging can be activated by different options:

Always on - Logging is active as long as ECU is powered on. A new file is created each time the ECU is reset.

By switch input - Starts by triggering the digital input Start logging input function.

By launch ctrl switch, log 60seconds - Starts by triggering the digital Launch control switch, enable stage input function. Time starts when input is deactivated (button released).

By launch ctrl activation, log 60 seconds - Starts when all MaxxECU launch criteria are met (launch active).


Note: If launch ctrl switch digital input functions is triggered during logging, additionally time is added to the actual logging feature.


Switch activation can be triggered by one of these three methods: Digital inputInternal outputs or Virtual input.


Logging frequency

Specifies at which internal frequency the logging is being operated on. 10Hz = 10 times/second


Number of channels

Number of channels to log.


Note: Earlier MaxxECU units are limited to 44 channels, all REV7 and newer units are able to log 118 channels internally.

Note: MaxxECU saves 4K data each time, if you have selected a very slow logging frequency, to few channels and enable loggings for a very short time (< 10 seconds), MaxxECU might not capture any data (no file to download), in these cases, run the logger a few seconds longer to capture the data (like using an off delay if the logging system is triggered from an internal output or GPO).