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Triggers/Home inputs

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See trigger problems for an explaination of polarity, arming voltage and so on.


Trigger/HOME input


trig sensor type

Specifies input type of the sensor.


trigger polarity

Specifies whether to trigger on rising or falling edge of signal.


arming voltage

The voltage of the signal to actually trigger on. Only available on VR signals.

Manual table - Manually enter the trigger arm voltages in the table.

Automatic tracking - Automatic trigger arm tracking


trigger pullup resistor

Whether to use the internal pullup resistor or not. Only available on digital inputs.



trigger decoder


Trigger system

See, trigger systems for a list of available trigger systems.


Home signal

See, trigger systems for a list of available home trigger systems.


Cam signal position

Specifies whether CAM signal is received before or after TDC.


teeth count

Specifies number of teeth on crankshaft trigger wheel INCLUDING missing teeth's.


missing teeth

Specifies number of missing teeth's on trigger wheel.


Sync window size

Specifies length of the longest hole in the CAS trigger wheel. Only visible with Nissan CAS trigger.



advanced trigger options


Note: Only visible when a missing tooth trigger system i selected.


Advanced trigger options

Enable/disable the advanced trigger options. Only activate if you have trigger problems during crank and know what you are doing.


Trigger time tolerance

Adaptive cranking tolerances

Extra tolerance at low RPM

1.5 missing tooth (Renault Megane 3 RS)


Missing tooth tolerance

Is the required lenght of the current signal compared to the largest difference over the last two engine revolutions.

Note: 80% is a good starting point for an average looking trigger signal. The adaptive system is only used BELOW ENGINE Max cranking RPM in your engine settings.




trigger angle


First tooth angle

The actual sensor position from engine TDC.


Lock ignition

Enable this to lock ignition to zero and disable fuel. Used in combination with a timing light to make sure timing is correct.


Note: When engine is started, there is an ignition lock function which can be used to lock ignition at certain ignition advance regardless of engine RPM.


Disable fuel and ignition

Turns off the ignition, fuel, and fuel pump (s).

Used for testings without starting the engine.

Note: When this function is active, it completely disables fuel and ignition outputs, even the Diagnostics --> Output test features.



Supported trigger systems

MaxxECU supports VR and digital sensor (hall-effect, opto) on crank and/or cam.


Crank triggers


Missing tooth

Missing tooth on CAM

Multitooth + Home

Audi 5-cylinder

Chrystler Hemi SRT-8 (32-2-2)

Diahatsu Mira (3+1 on CAM)

Dodge Viper V10

GM LT5 gen I (8+1 on crank)

Honda CBR1000RR

Honda K20A2 (with CAM sensor)

Honda K20z4 without CAM-sensor

Honda K20z4 with CAM-sensor

Jeep Cherokee (MJ-XJ 19)

LS 24x

Mazda 1.6 MX5/Miata/Eunos

Mazda MX5 NB (99-05)

Mitsubishi 4/2

Mitsubishi EVO X

Nissan CAS

Nissan VQ35DE

Nissan Tiida C11 (HR16DE)

Renix 44-2-2

Renix 66-2-2-2

Rover V8

Rover K-series (lotus elise) 1.8

Suzuki Swift K12B

Subaru EJ20 (early) 6crank+7cam teeth

Subaru EJ20 (late) 36 teeth

Suzuki 13B sequential (requires modified trigger wheel)

Suzuki GSX (with digital sensor)

Yamaha jet ski waverunner (2010)



HOME/CAM triggers

On Cam (1 pulse per cam rev.)

2JZ VVT 3-teeth

N-1 on cam - Missing tooth system. N teeth and 1 removed. N teeth and 1 removed (like 4-1 and 8-1).

N-1 on cam (alt trigger point) - Missing tooth system. N teeth and 1 removed. Used where the missing gap on the cams would overlap the missing gap on the crankshaft.

AMG C63 V8 (CAM)

BMW 6+1extra on cam

BMW M62 (rising)

Chrystler Hemi SRT-8

Honda CBR1000RR (2+1)

Honda K20A2

Honda F20C


Honda L15A


Mitsubishi Evo cam

Mustang Coyote 5.0 V8 (CAM)

Nissan HR16DE

Nissan VK45DE

Nissan VQ35DE

Porche 996 2000 variocam M96/70

Toyota 1GR-FE/3UR-FE

Volvo long-short

Volvo T5 VVT

Volvo T5 VVT early/exhaust cam

Volvo T6 VVT

VW 1.8T (CAM)



VVT triggers

Even teeth - Wheel with evenly spaces between.

AMG C63 V8 (CAM)

BMW 6 + 1extra - 6 teeth with an extra tooth between two of the others. BMW S50.

BMW M62 (rising) -

Ford Coyote 5.0 (V8)

Honda K20A2 (4+1 on exhaust)


N-1 missing tooth - Missing tooth system. N teeth and 1 removed. N teeth and 1 removed (like 4-1 and 8-1).

N-1 (alternative trigger position) - Missing tooth system. N teeth and 1 removed. Used where the missing gap on the cams would overlap the missing gap on the crankshaft.

Nissan HR16DE

Nissan VK45DE

Nissan VQ35DE

Volvo long-short - Two teeth per cam revolution, one long and one short.

Mitsubishi MIVEC

Mazda MX5 NB (99-05)

Volvo T5

Volvo T6 - Four different length teeth per cam revolution.

VW 1.8T (CAM)

Porsche 996 2000 variocam M96/70