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Extra ignition tables

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Extra ignition table



No function - Not used at all.

Add +/- degrees to main ign table - Modify the main ignition table.

Add +/- degrees to main ign table when input active- Modify the main ignition table when the digital input extra ignition table X activation switch or extra fuel/ign table activation switch (all selected tables) is active.





Correct ignition advance based on ethanol concentration


An engine tuned with E85 (no ignition compensation), later tuned with petrol and this compensation curve can be made. Requires an ethanol sensor.



Retard ignition when input is active on MDash using internal output system


1. Give the Bluetooth button a good name to be showed on your tablet.




2. Add a new internal output function, select the BT switch 1 Active == 1 to activate the digital input function Extra ignition 1 table activation switch.




3. Adjust the extra ignition table to suit your need.