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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.150), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


Support (BETA) for the BMW M4 (GEN2) DCT gearbox control.

New OEM CAN protocol: Skidoo 900R 2022 (Bosch MG1C).

Added data caching to speed up ECU/PDM load times.

Improved GUI response.

Improved log viewer time axis accuracy.

Improved log comparison accuracy.

New password protected hard CUT RPM, ECU lock.

Internal change to always log data in metric values, new setting added to select the displayed units, MTune settings.

New Shiftcut mode: Gear position sensor controlled, to trigger a shiftcut when the gear position goes outside the min/max range for each gear.

Broken sensor lean error function (Lambda sensor) + new error code: 112 - Lambda sensor malfunction. The signal is too lean.

Added latch options to all internal outputs and user outputs.

Added two more User PID output functions.

Added option to disable TCU DIAG requests for the VAG DSG, DQ500, and automatic stop of the requests if a diagnostic tool is present on the bus until next restart.

Added a CAN emulation mode for VAG DSG in DSG settings.

New crank trigger support: Mercury Marine 2.5L 2-stroke V6.

New CAM trigger support: Jaguari AJ16 (CAM).

New CAM trigger support: Honda L15A / L13B.

New CAM trigger support: Renault K4M (CAM).

Min Shiftcut rpm changed from 800 to 600rpm.

New RealTime Data value Nitrous Enabled, to show the overall enable state of the nitrous system.

New RealTime Data value Acceleration correction.

New Ignition acc correction function added.

New digital input function: Nitrous timer run.

Improved readability for lambda and EGT values in the VE and IGN tables.

Added a target arrow to tables ('A'-key to show/hide)

New ignition mode : Wankel wasted spark leading, sequential trailing.

New function to clear and disable unused table data, Manual firmware update.

New table size setting in MTune settings, option for high resolution screens.

Improved SHIFT+keys selection in tables.

New cut behavior setting added for the Oil Pressure Cut.

Line pressure control (100% duty) changed from launch control input to transbrake input instead (to keep transbrake happy) in automatic gearbox control, Line pressure.

Added ODD-Fire option for MAP filtering in Filters/error codes.

DCT shifter emulation, behavior of the reverse switch digital input Transmission Reverse Switch.

DCT GEN1 now uses the actual idle rpm target on outgoing CAN data (might improve the clutch relearn procedure).

DCT GEN1: Added a new improved shifting strategy.

DCT GEN1: DCT reported pedal angle table.

BMW E9x (MSS60), clutch switch automatically captured from vehicle CAN.

Trigger pattern generator can now use engine RPM as the RPM source (not synchronized).

Log timestamp channel will be automatically added to the internal ECU logging system if not in the list of logged channels.

New enable method for Tachometer output rpm sweep with a short ondelay option added.

New enable method for Speedometer output speed sweep with a short ondelay option added.

Fixed a bug in the BMW E9x (MSS60) caused OE AC not to work without an output set to magnetic clutch.

Fixed a bug causing the logged output duties to occasionally show nonexistent spikes.

Fixed a bug causing idle stepper homing when powering on even when using power hold.

Fixed an issue with the H-bridge outputs during ECU startup (requires a slave CPU update).

Fixed an issue with the GPO/TACHO output during ECU startup  (requires a slave CPU update).

Fixed an issue where the CAN analyzer could crash the MTune if run out of memory.

Fixed a bug where some output states showed duty, but no duty on the actual output.

Fixed a bug where lean cut could get active during a shiftcut event.

Fixed a rescale bug on the compare feature.

Fixed a bug causing Multi position switch to not work if the voltages were not in ascending order. Out-of-order entries function correctly now.

Fixed a bug causing cranking fuel to always be on the Primary injectors. All staged injection modes should work during cranking.

Fixed a bug where the PDM20 stopped communicate when connected to an Audi CAN even if separated on another CAN bus (0x50 message ID).

Fixed a bug causing the AIN digital state RT-values to not show correct values when using the latch settings.

Fixed a bug in in Line pressure control when MIN duty was higher than the MAX duty.

Fixed a bug related to an invalid logged channel ID.

Fixed a bug where the fuel temperature RT value did not show up unless a flex fuel sensor was active.

Fixed a bug where IGN duty showed strange values.

Fixed issues with copying/pasting into tables, and copy/paste from external applications.

Fixed SHIFT+HOME/END shortcut problem with multicell selections.

Fixed missing PDM setting pages if PDM digital input functions was set from PDM Switch decoder input.

Fixed a bug where too many UNDO steps caused out of memory exception.


Download here.

Release date: 2023-01-10